Tuesday, May 6, 2008


yep, it has been THIS long since we have posted anything...give us a break...we're young and hot...haha.

ok so... first... we recently took a FANTASTIC trip to the lovely city of Cancun in Quintana Roo, Mexico! Actually, technically we were in Puerto Morelos, which is just south of Cancun, much more secluded and still gorgeous.

We spent the whole first day waiting in lines...no joke. Gotta love airports. One highlight of the day, when we were in line at security at the SLC Airport, we happened to see Coach Lon Kruger of the UNLV Basketball team. I iniated a conversation (apparently I get it from Merrill, suprised anyone?) Even though I don't love the Rebels, he was so nice and I have a lot of respect for him.

We loved the weather when we finally got out of the Cancun airport. We were so excited to get to our hotel, even if we had to drive through the ghetto to get there. We stayed at the Hotel Marina El Cid. It was an All-Inclusive resort, all our food, fun and virgin Pina Coladas were included right there. It was gorgeous. The view from our room definitely wasn't bad either.

We woke up every morning, walked a few yards to our spot under a Palapa on the beach and laid there all day. Of course alloting time for breakfast and lunch, various activites and time in the ocean. We all slept a lot, read a lot, and got a lot of sun. At the end of the day we would all shower, longer than we should, and get ready (ok only halfway get ready...who needs makeup?) . We would then go down to dinner wherever we had reservations for the night. After that, we would probably go to one of the very nice entertainment shows they had.

We did so much while we were there...

relaxed in the spa

loved the ocean
played with iguanas

went to the ruins in TULUM


visited playa del carmen (a nearby city)

went snorkeling...and almost died

met some nice latin boys...
don't worry, we didn't attend any of the clubs we were invited to or visit any of the houses we were also invited to...

Overall the trip was awesome. Minus the couple fights and illnesses, we did great.
Some other highlights of the trip include:

a bike ride into the local city
trying to watch the sunrise
diet cokes with lime on the beach
coconut ice cream to die for
jumping off the cliff in the pool
the slide in the pool
morning sretching on the beach
not playing volleyball
our mini rental car
giving tips to our waiters
when the snorkel trip ended
when daddy wasn't ill
being warm
bargaining so well with the locals
making sure our dog Cobi was safe at home
and much MUCH more!!

On the way home, we had a three hour layover in Dallas and were lucky enough to spend time with our sister Sonja, her husband, our three nieces and one nephew! We ate lunch in the Rainforest Cafe and celebrated our nephew Jenson's birthday! It was so fun to see them since we rarely get to! We love out Texas family!

Thanks to our parents for taking us on this lovely vacation!
We miss Mexico...

loves, em.


Jenson Family said...

LOVE seeing what I missed out on! Honestly! You girls are soooo sooo cute and HOT! Rondi you look great in that cowboy hat and Emmy you got the darkest tan ever (I LOVE your skin - it tans so pretty). That was totally cool that you got to hook up with the Zauggs. That worked out great! Next time - lay over in Vegas!!! Heee heee heee... Love you girls, miss you like crazy! Next post - PROM pics!!! Can't wait to see them!

Shortcake and Company said...

What a fun trip! Rondi--you seriously are such a cutie. Yeah for the catch up!

Charlyn said...

Hurray for the update!! How much fun that you were able to go to Cancun. Glad you made it through your snorkling experience. You guys both look so stinkin cute. I can't believe how much you look alike in your own way. Lots of love!! Char