Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grettings from W459 :)

Well, I now realize that naming our blog ER may have been a bit of a jinx, but a blog named RE would just be... REtarded. I guess Emmy just wanted to make the ER official so she "took ill" and has spent the last 3 days in the hospital. Emmy's tonsils have always given her serious issues and over the past week they have taken over. Picture two golf balls at the back of her throat. Seriously. Huge and white. Really gross. Be glad I did not post a picture! On Sunday after a visit to the Dr. she was sent to the hospital for treatment. So she has been hooked up to IV antibiotics and occasionally morphine :) Hopefully she will be able to go home tomorrow!

Here she is on day 1. Pretty cherry, but I think she was just in so much pain she had no idea what was going on.

Day 2 she is using her special straw to suck out the yuck in her throat. Sick.

Our dad reached an unexpected level of boredom while chillin at the hospital and asked to listen to some Hip Hop music. As it turns out he liked it and says he understands (a little) why we listen to this stuff. His favorite was "Too Hot" by Swollen Members and he got ants in his pants and started dancing a jig! I have never seen dad moving like this but it was great!!! Da brotha can throw it down. I think he was trying to krump haha. Check him out. Sorry there is no sound... Just listen to "Too Hot" on the playlist to get inside his head :)

I was given the obvious job of doing Luca's hair. As it turns out I cannot french braid in any form, and was fired!

Day 3 Emmy is so sick of being in the hospital she will hardly look at me, but thank goodness for beach day in the pediatrics unit and for Alisen (Emmy's friend) who has entertained me with her fabulous hula-hooping skills!

I think my my mom and my dad are pretty amazing for missing work and sitting in the hospital with Emmy for so many days. Family is the best :)

xoxo Rondi


Heather & Trevor said...

OMIGOSH! I was seriously Lauhing and crying at this post! Sad for Emmy but Dad was HILRIOUS! I cannot believe his moves! SO FUNNY!! hope you are feelin better Em! I Think the ER name is good but that is a weird coincidence.....LOL! :) LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! MISS YOU!

Gramma Betsy said...

The only thing missing is a photo of the miniature bed I slept on for 3 nights!!! Seriously, though, Ems was AMAZING. Her tonsils were the talk of the hospital, and everyone who came into the room said, "Oh, can I see your tonsils? I've heard they are really impressive!!!"

Merrill Jenson said...

Don't get used to me dancing. I think this is the first and last time you'll see it in this life.

Emmy loved the hospital. I think she will miss it now that she is home. Glad to have her home. Rondi was a saint staying with her so much.

Charlyn said...

Merrill has got it goin' on!!! I've never seen anyone shake it like that before!! I'm so glad you are blogging now. Hope Emmy is feeling better. Post those tonsils....sounds like they were pretty impressive!!

Trevor Jenson said...

Golf ball sized flem...mmm good...NOT! Emmy, we hope you are feeling better! Congrats on the state championship!!! I am glad you girls started a blog. Mabey I can still see what trouble you are up to even though we dont live a just few minutes away any more. :(

Jenson Family said...

Too cute - I'm glad you guys got pics of this whole craziness! It at least let me picture what was going on! Love you miss you - glad you are better1!!

Silly Little White Girls said...

Hi--we're so glad you have a blog so we can "see" you more often! We hope emmy is feeling better and that all is well! Keep us posted. :)