Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dancing in the Moonlight!

Ok ok, so I am working on the catch up...
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So I went with Scott Frandsen. He's a cutie. He asked me using a build a bear. So Cute!!! It's a dog dressed in a tux. When you squeeze it's hand it says "Emmy, will you go to the Prom with me?." I love it. I answered him by putting together a 300 piece puzzle, turning it over and writing on it. Then I took it apart, had 300 plastic easter eggs and put one piece in each egg. I made an easter basket for him with candy and an easter bunny and put it in his room, scattering the other ton of eggs all over his floor! It was so funny!

Ok, so for Prom, they picked us up and took us to get massages. I know great right? I definitely loved that. Then we went and ate lunch and played games. After that they dropped us off. I had enough time to take a nap which I loved! Then I got ready, and as it tends to be, panicked a little with the time. Rondi was a life saver and helped me with my hair, makeup, dress, jewlery and all other things. I don't know what I would do without her! Thanks so much!

Then Scott came to pick me up. We took lots of pictures at my house then went down to Adam Law's house andtook more. After that we headed to Chef's Table for our lovely meal. When dinner was finished, we went down to the dance which was at the Provo Library. We took more pictures then waited in line for the Promenade.
In our group was Scott and I, Adam and Cami, Downing and Jessie, Andy and Ashly, Willie and Katelin, Morgan and Karissa, and Tanner and Heidi. I loved out group! We all were so fun!

Check out Scotts shoes...and the car...

After coming down the grand stairs into the crowd of people, we talked to our families and friends and took even more pictures. Then we headed back upstairs to the dance. The dance was so much fun! Our whole group did our thing out there on the floor. We loved it. Our theme this year was "Dancing in the Moonlight" so that was fun.

I even made Kyson (my Prom date last year) take a picture with me!

After the dance we changed then went back down to Adam's house and watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the gym on love sacs.Prom was so much fun and I loved it! I can't believe it is over! I will never go to another High School dance...I can't believe that. I have to admit I will miss them and all the drama. Graduation is just around the corner. I don't know how I got this all this fast, but its all right here!!

more later... love emmy.


Rick, Debi, and Loni said...

I love your dress! That would have been a dress I would wear had I liked dresses when I was going to dances. Now I wish I could wear them! It was great seeing you at Lindys wedding. Have a great one! Debi

Jenson Family said...

Such cute pictures! Such a cute girl! I am so glad that you are posting pictures of your prom. I LOVE your dress! And that was AWESOME that you got a massage. Rock on!x