Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Old news is still good news, right?

Apparently I was not cut out for this blogging business. In an attempt to redeem myself I will update you on a few things that have been going on...

Our cousin Lindey got married in Idaho at the beginning of May. It was so fun to see our cousins that we had not seen in a while and of course it was great to see Shera and Clint and the kids. We even made Shera ditch the kids one night and we went to a movie!
A few weeks ago I ran the Ogden half marathon. It was my second half marathon and hopefully not my last... My good friend Jenny Capell and her friend Kellie ran with me. Ogden canyon is so pretty!

The night after the race, my lovely roommates and friends and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Salt Lake. It was delicious!
Unfortunately I left my watch there, so I had to go back up two days later with Emmy and the parents. It was really upsetting to eat there again...

For Memorial weekend I went with mom and dad to Vegas to see Kris and Leslie and the girls. The weather was cold but we really had a good time shopping and just hanging out! On the way home we stopped in St. George where my sister-in-law Heather's parents cooked us a wonderful dinner!

As many of you know, Emmy graduated from high school last week! I can't believe that she is out, and going to college in 3 months! Time goes by too fast! Because Emmy and I were the only family around to celebrate the graduation, my parents treated us to an amazing dinner at the Sundance Tree Room. Emmy and I both got the Buffalo steak and it was SO good!!! I had never had buffalo before but I loved it!
Emmy got her tonsils out yesterday so I will let her blog about the rest of graduation when she is feeling up to it!

This past Saturday, Emmy and I went to the Superbike World Championship at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele. It is a really cool track and it was so fun to see such a big event there. My very good friends Lance and Natalie own a motorcycle shop called Obsession Motoworx and they were up there promoting their shop so we went to support them! This event was the biggest that Utah has had next to the Olympics! People came from all over the world.

There has been a lot going on, but I will try to be better at posting so I don't make the posts so long! I hope all is well with each of you!

xoxo rondi


stacy h. said...

wow, you hve been busy rondi! first of all, i have hair envy. so long and pretty, i love it! great job on the 1/2 marathon, that's a big deal. i am impressed. i will come to the loop soon to see you and bring quinc in too.

Shortcake and Company said...

Ditto about the hair looks so cute wavy and the braid, please! Cuteness! I didn't know you're a runner. I try but I haven't done in races. Great job! You're a busy gal...thanks for blogging it.

Silly Little White Girls said...

I didn't know you were doing another half-marathon. You're amazing!

And I love that you went to the Cheesecake Factory twice. Rob really loves it--whenever we go anywhere (or used to) for his work, we'd find a Cheesecake Factory. In North Carolina, we ate there two nights in a row--and were probably ten pounds heavier when we came home. Funny that we haven't been to the one here yet!

L.G. Fife said...

Rondi- I got on to your blog through Kels- I was curious to see what you have been up to- good timing- you have been busy- You look great! Take Care-Lacy

Jenson Family said...

Thanks for updating! Cute pics! And I'm glad you came to visit! See you soon!

Heather & Trevor said...

Glad I checked the blog! Loved seeing the updates! Can't wait to do Ogden with you next year! :) Seriously, so proud of you!